Robert Leerca

An ambitious and excitable Hexblade from Archendale


30 HP, 16 AC, 4/1/4 Sv’s

Masterwork Maul – Road Builder 5, 1d101 Dedicated to J
Trident – The Last Laugh 4 1d81 In Memory of F
Cutlass – Short Answer 4 1d61 A Gift From R
Light Crossbow – G’s Guidance +3 1d8


1. Make a power attack with a musical instrument.

2. Xenocide against pixies. Fuck those nerds.

3. Screw up the food chain so tigers eat elephants, just to fuck with the druid.

4. Deicide against the god with the most weeaboo elements to their portfolio.

5. Discover a new race of creatures and dub them “hamsters”.

6. Find someone who shares no languages with any party member and convince the party they’re an ally who will follow us to the death.

7. Prove the world is flat.

8. After doing the above, sail an airship off the edge of the world.

9. Convince the DM to allow me to play a Half-Elf Half-Gnome Half-Illithid Hexblade Dashing Swordsman Holy Liberator.

10. Roll a critical Perform (singing) check and hit the brown note.

11. Establish a new pantheon consisting of Banjo, Cegorach, Myself, “The Gay One”, and Lord Helix.

Robert Leerca

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